Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Latest Blog Bio Update

Following most years of my life in the mainstream systems, I came to the conclusion that  money was the problem that prevents us from being and realising who we are. Although money does superficially afford us some comforts , it at the same time can cause misery and discomfort to a massive number of the worlds population.

If we all lived with the intention to help others, attaching no value, other than that we give each other, the world would become a free and happy place.

I have now been living without money for 17 months. It has been a big eye opener. I have had some interesting and some challenging times, some good some bad.  I see it as part of the journey and try to take some thing from each experience to learn and grow.

I realise that most aren't ready to go to the lengths I am going to to live freely without the binds of the monetary system and it isn't always easy. I still do battle with my ego on a daily basis. It is something I am working on and will continue to do so.

For those of you who have been watching Discovering The Way  since I set out on my journey, I thank you dearly as it does more than most think, with it simply being out there in the consciousness.  For those that have just discovered others like mine who are living without money, I thank you too, you are all playing an important  part in my journey.

  I hope that at the very least we can start helping each other more and more without the use of money.  My vision in the end,  is for everyone to be self empowered and abundant with everyone living in a free and happy place.  I am currently discovering the way.

Be abundant, Be Empowered!  Namaste <3

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Friday, 28 September 2012

First Day In The Barn

Hi Folks,

I'm now at the new place, been busy at work today clearing a gulley drain and bramble and weeds. I took pictures, however I'm unable to upload them as I have no cable connector for the pc. As soon as I am able i'll upload again.  I have just used these pictures for illustration purposes.

My first day at the farm was nice, wen't for a walk across the farmers fields and spotted some deer, didn't get very close to them as they bounded over the fence as soon as they spotted me.

After that, I went for a walk across the valley and saw lots of  bats flying about as by this time it was dusk.

I headed back to the barn where i'm currently sleeping and was startled by something flapping about. I soon realised it was a bird and later identified it as a Swallow. The bird stayed in the loft of the barn all night as he couldn't see once it left the loft due to the darkness. After some encourage ment in the morning, the swallow left the loft and went on its way.

That's all there is to report for now.  Will be on again soon. Take care all. :0)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Moving To a New Place 25-09-2012

Today I'm moving on to a new place. I will be helping out on a farm which needs help in clearing and fixing it's barns and fixing up the out houses to be made suitable for accommodation.


Also there is a large overgrown patch of land out the front of the farmhouse that needs some serious clearing.  This is just some of the work that is needing to be done. I have agreed with the owner of the farm, that I will work a couple of days a week for my basic accommodation and food needs. That said I will help out on the farm when I'm not busy with other work elsewhere.

I will still be available to work for others during my time at the farm. If you require my help with anything in the meantime please get in touch through either facebook or twitter (there are links down the right hand side of this page).

Initially I will have limited access to internet until I have worked out how I can connect on a more steady basis.

 I am really looking forward to this chapter in my story and am grateful to have been given the opportunity to have a more substantial base for myself over the coming winter months.

That's all for now, as soon as I'm able I'll send an update. Take care.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

DTW Vlog 20120908 Putting Things Straight

I don't use money, I can't help it if others do. I just hope that I can inspire others to at the very least interact with the monetary system less often. To see the video please visit and subscribe to my youtube channel here ...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Symbology Of the Star

Hi folks

Just thought i'd give a little explanation of the origins and symbology of my star.

At the time I created the concept, I was researching the theory of  Illuminati symbology within the world especially in modern music.

I began to see a theme of triangles, which represent pyramids, and the all seeing eye, commonly symbolised in Freemasonry.

Freemason Symbols

All seeing eye on pyramid found on the back of the american dollar bill.

Without going into to much detail, this is a big subject and can take you down many avenues,  I could see these symbols being like talismans, to pass or express messages,  or whatever fits an organisations agenda. Most would suggest these symbols are evil and have been sent by the devil him/herself.

I thought about it for a short while and realised that anything can be used for good or for bad, I figured if there was ever any truth in the theories of symbolisms giving power, then all it can do, is assist me in doing good. If there is no truth to it then I have a pretty picture lol.

So I drew a basic picture of how it  wanted it to look and  a friend who creates Goemetric art offered to help make it as an actual artwork for my blog. If you're interested in Geometric art please take a look at his page

So to explain the star.

Firstly the shape is made of two equilateral triangles one placed over the other. This is the same shape as the star of David, As seen on the Israeli flag. But for me, it was more a turning the symbolism of the pyramids upside down inside out, if  that makes sense ?

The Star's points are all  elements, Earth, fire, wind and are duplicated showing the duality of life. The heptagon in the centre represents water, our bodies are made of mostly of water.

The Truth Star
The Eye in the centre represents the all seeing eye, which i beleive translates to the pineal  gland  also known as the third eye or seat of the soul. I have in the past had people accuse me of being Illuminati in the past because of this lol.

In the eye there is a spiral, this represents the fact most are blinded by the confusion and cannot see the truth from the fiction.

The yin yang in the centre, which is the pupil of the eye, represents everything exists in everything and that this is a pathway of light.

Oh and the eyelashes have no real meaning, they were just for decoration. I wish I had have instructed the artist  to leave them out.

So there you have it, the Truth Star and an explanation .  If anyone has any questions please ask me, though i think i covered it really.

Thanks for reading, hope you all have an awesome day.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A week helping @ Greeen Gathering Chepstow

As you may or may not have noticed I have been away for a week. I have been helping out with the  live stream of the Green Gathering's Speakers and Live Bands.

The Green Gathering is an off grid green total recycling site, set on parkland to the side of Chepstow Racecourse.

It has great facilities if you have money but not so great if you don't.  In all the week was ok and the weather was often rainy, though not too cold. 

Much of my time was spent assisting the small team with maneuvering the live stream camera in and out of position, setting and re setting various bits as and when they dropped out of signal.

I did find myself getting bored of sitting around and waiting whilst one of the team had the headphones on as he monitored the camera.

We weren't next to the camera, we were situated outside  the marque where the talks and music were happening. 

 I often decided to go wandering about the site, when I got too bored of sitting in one spot. I was amazed at the people I bumped into whilst I was there. There was people I know from wales and from england who I wasn't expecting to meet, which was really nice.

As i wandered across the site i found one of my friends was running a stall that was demonstrating a technology called Bio-char Stoves. Basically these stoves are very similar to a rocket stove but with many other benefits. Among the benefits are reduced fuel consumption, Useful carbon bi product, and the designs are open source, so anyone can make these. There are more benefits but I would suggest taking a look at his site here 
here's a short video showing a bio char stove being used as a barbeque/hotplate.

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good tatting, when i say "Tatting" i am meaning that I collect up things usually left behind  at festivals. I went wandering for "Tat" and came across a stall called Pedellars Kitchen who were closing their stall decided they had some food that they weren't going to use up before they left and put the items on their cycle trailer stall with a notice.

I arrived just as a young lad with a sharp stick was going to claim the food and stab it to death. The owner saw what he was about to do and informed him that it was for people who were going to use the food and not for destroying. I spoke with the owner of the stall about my moneyless living and she then offered me some home grown potatoes, which I gratefully accepted.

The trailer they used took my attention. It turns out that their trailer is all made with mainly scrap materials, I was impressed, it looked quite professional.  My main interest was how the trailer connected to the bycycle they had to tow it.

I currently have a trailer but have yet to find a suitable way of connecting it to the bike.

I continued around the Green Gathering site and came across another stall with this sign. It reads "There is no such thing as waste, simply mis-placed resource. There is no such thing as the giver, simply The Universe Rearranging itself."

This was an uplifting thing to see that there were others that were of a like mind and care that nothing is wasted.  This was a reminder for me to keep pressing on with what I'm doing.

The Festival site was a Total recycling site and with that the areas where the recycling was deposited there was a section for Up-cycling, basically meaning things that are possibly re-usable for other things. Among the things i found in the up-cycling were a broken Ukulele, some powdered milk, hand sanitizing gel and a small cool/picnic bag. Sadly I didn't think to get pictures of the things I picked up.

Back at the speakers forum/main stage, there were talks ranging from Self sustainability to the decline of the bee in the UK. Many of the talks I found hard to watch/listen to as often they would talk about how we need money and or permission from some illusory authority for this or that and it seemed quite often the focus for discussion.    I often found myself leaving the marquee as I couldn't believe what utter tosh was coming out of some of the speakers mouths.  In the interests of diplomacy I won't name names.

Much happened over the weekend and in the interest of not boring you all completely, I'll just say that the whole thing was an experience some of which was negative but the positives I gained far outweighed the negatives which is a positive in itself.

I shall be returning to doing what I've been doing and I will update this blog and facebook, twitter etc as and when.  I'll aim to make a video for the next blog.

Anyway that's enough from me, thanks for reading.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Back from Green Gathering, Chepstow. Worn out, follow up with pics (maybe vid), when i get time, later in the week. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

This Weekend I was Mostly...

This week I have been busy busy busy. I've been doing two or three jobs in one day for part of the week. I was going to have a chilled Saturday then go do some work on my plot on Sunday, that was, until a friend called me up and  told me on Saturday morning, that another friend needed some help with getting the rafters  up on the henge of the her roundhouse.

There was carying... 

There was some Drilling...
Some Chisiling 

Lots of looking up and pointing...

And even some kind of praying?

No, actually she is tying string to the rafters to hold them together.

My friend was over the moon as now hopefully she'll have the house finished before winter.

The house is some way off completion  but the tricky part is now done.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sleepless Nights & Barter

Hi folks,

My latest update was going to be a video, however , I’m not feeling up to it at the moment.  I have recently been suffering with broken sleep and insomnia.

 My sleep patterns have been so random of late I’m feeling very tired and weary. I’m sure this is just a phase and this will pass by soon.

Some of you may know that I will soon be living on a plot of land in my own self built dwelling.  I haven’t yet built the structure though, as I’m still needing some vital parts to make it work.  The Idea of me living on this land is so that I can become self sufficient which will free me up so I can provide free services to the local community.

Sounds great so far, however,  to achieve this I am having to take a bit of a side step. What I mean is Instead of just living of randomly given things with no amount specified, I will need to barter directly with people to ensure I build up enough things so that my plot becomes self sustaining and enables me to give back to the community.

When I say Barter, I will only barter services for goods for, I hope, no longer  than  a year. Doing this should help me on the way to self sufficiency. I have not changed my stand point on money or currency and I don’t like the fact I will be bartering, but , it is a means to an end. 

So from the end of July I will be using a barter system, I will of course offer services with no or little requirements as and when possible.

I am now looking for the following materials for my dwelling which is known as a Bender.

Canvas (Caravan Awning or Similar will do)
Pallets  x20
Insulation Materials, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Old Duvets anything that could do the job. I have some but not sure If I have sourced enough yet.
Wood Burner
Wooden Poles (Bendy)
 UPC Windows
An Old Shed for storage.

I am happy to barter my services for these things, donations are welcome though. Please get in touch through facebook if you think you have anything that I need. 

Well that's all for now, I hope you all have an amazing day !

Friday, 29 June 2012

Off to Gŵyl Lenyddiaeth Dinefwr | Dinefwr Literature Festival in a very short while. Howard Marks (Author of Mr Nice) will be there.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Reservoir Knots

I and a couple of friends went to help a friend with his Knotwee problem. I explain the method of removing
the weeds. Chris was very fun

Now I'm on Vimeo

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Been working with Small Nations Festival Crew today, exhausted, but content. Another day ahead, what will it bring?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Thanks to all of you who came to my year and a day celebration party. It was a great and special time. :0)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More Ditch Digging, Painting & Decorating followed by some gardening. Got a long day ahead of me. Looking forward to the weekend :0)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Feeling very Lethargic this norning. I woke up @ 3:40 am and couldn't get back to sleep. So only now when I have 2 go out do I get tired :(

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bitten by midges but surrounded by friends. An awesome weekend was had. Thanks to all those that made it possible, you know who you are :0)

Friday, 25 May 2012

A weekend sin the Sun, heading for the beach today, Can't wait! :0)

Monday, 21 May 2012

My Latest Blog Moving Clay , Safety For Toads & Tractors.

Moving Clay , Safety For Toads & Tractors.

Well, I have to say I feel shattered.  I din't take a day off last week. Saturday I was Clearing Japanese Knotweed ( )  (Unfortunately I didn't take before pics) I have cleared a fair part of the area but there is still much to be done.

The Mound of Clay

 Sunday I was busy helping a friend move a huge  mound of  clay.

Pete Enjoying His ride on the Tractor.

We started to wheel barrow the stuff  but the weight of the wheelbarrow coupled with the distance, which was just under a 1/4 of a mile, was just too much. Luckily we discovered that the guy in the house up the hill had a tractor/lawnmower with trailer.

He let us use the tractor thankfully. This speeded things up no end but it still took us until  5:30 in the evening to clear all the clay.
Whilst moving the clay we found a little toad, He was placed in a safe place in the garden for him to be so he wouldn't be harmed by us on the tractor.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Saturday, 19 May 2012

UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Croatia, Iceland & Malaysia r where people having been viewing my page from

Flaky To Smooth Paint

I've been busy painting doors this week alongside other jobs .
I wanted to Illustrate the process .

Firstly the door needed to be sanded  off to get rid of the flaking varnish on the outside.  I then wiped over with turpentine.

The inside was painted, so it needed to be sanded to allow the undercoat to adhere to it well. Again after sanding it was wiped over with turpentine followed by a coat of undercoat.

Outside of doors Primed & Undercoated

Applying Gloss with Brush

The final coats will be Gloss Paint it will need at least two coats to cover the undercoat.

Friday, 18 May 2012

No where in the universe is there a tol booth charging your credit card to keep your atoms spinning ~ Nassim Haramein

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Likes

I titled this "My Likes" as I want to keep this post as positive as possible and give you all some information about me.

Firstly, I like good weather, don't we all. Sunshine, fresh air etc. It just makes me happier than  dull weather. I also enjoy a good bonfire in the evening when the weather and situation are suitable. I enjoy walking in the countryside and observing nature, it gives me much pleasure


Mmmm, we all like food, but I have a vegetarian diet. I don't eat Fish, Chicken, Beef or Pork. I do Drink milk and eat eggs though. There aren't that many veggie food that I won't eat really, but i'm not so keen on Twigglets and sharp citrus fruits. I also have a sensitive pallet when it comes to hot and spicy foods.

There are too many foods to list that i like but here is a basic list of things that I do like.

Pasta                           - Prefer White Egg Pasta but any white is fine. Tray Bakes are good.
Potatoes                      - Mashed or Boiled or Steamed.
Tomatoes                    -Tinned and Fresh but Fresh Organic is obviously the best)
Tomatoe Sauce
Eggs                           - Free Range)
Bread                         - I prefer Soya & Linseed bread great for making Eggy Bread.
Milk                           - I prefer non Homoganised Organic, any will do though.
Meat Replacement
Products                   - I do eat these as I need protein and this is a simple solution for my hosts.
Mushrooms               - Button or Chestnut, but they taste great if they are Fresh and Raw.
Baked Beans             - A staple of mine for some time now, very handy if there is nothing else about.
Salads                       - I'll eat most veggie salads.
Green Olives             - Preferably Pitted or Stuffed
Cheese                     - Mature White Cheddar is My Fave, though I do like fruity stiltons too.
Bannanas                  - Is my favourite fruit.
Yoghurts                   - Love to eat this but must check labels as some contain gelatin and sacharin.
Courgettes                - Great in tomatoe pasta dishes.

As I said food is a massive subject and too many foods to list hopefully gives you some Idea.

I am heading towards the self sufficiency thing and hope I am able to grow some of my own foods in the future.


Now I do enjoy a cigarette and have been smoking for a long time. Hopefully I'll give up one day but I beleive, when you are really ready and able, you will give up. It is a very personally individual thing. For now I generally smoke hand rolling tobacco, I do like a boxed cigartette every now and then.  I will be looking into growing my own tobacco at some point as I want to rely on the system as little as possible. I will always respect a hosts wishes if they ask me not to smoke in their homes.


I love to drink coffee  and it goes with my smoking habit very nicely when I'm taking a break. I will drink tea if there is no coffee available. I'm not sure whether smoothies are food or drink but I do like a good smoothie.

Beer & Wine  at the end of a hard day it's nice to just chill out  and have a drink.  My Beer of choice is usually a Real Ale apposed to a lager.  Red wine Is always good, though I will drink white on occasion.


 I have a wide and somewhat eclectic taste in music.  Usually it's what my mood suits, often I use music as a form of Motivation , Meditation and or Relaxation.  Like the food subject it is to big to list my likes, so below is a sample of things I do like currently.  I hope you enjoy my likes and have a little snapshot of me.

Peace, Blessings, Namaste.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wanted: Green/Camouflage Tarpaulins, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Windows.
Such a wonderful day for gardening, thought I'd do some pottering in the garden, whilst cat sitting.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Near to 300 likes on my page, thank you all for your cont'd support. DTW Moneylessman Thankyou
Back from an epic wedding, was hard work, still shattered but well worth it as all had a fab time. Pics/vids will b posted when I have time.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hosts house all tidy and vacuumed, setting off to help with setting up for the hand fasting & celebrations. I'll b in a field for abt a week

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I am assisting with a Handfasting and associated celebration over the next week. I will be camping out so I'll update when I can.
What i've been up to

Hallway Decorating at The Mayors House

I have been working hard, but not over doing it. I'm decorating the Mayors House, below are some pictures of the patching up I'm doing in the hallway.

Electrical Channels were badly plastered and needed making good by sanding, filling and further sanding.  Followed by some embossed paper and painting white.

 Paper was coming of the walls, a quick cut and patch repair  was done here.

More Electric Channeling to be made good.

 Paper peeled of  to enable the filling of the  badly done plaster.

Interesting Finial, looks a bit like a Gargoyle.

 Filled plaster work to be sanded.

 Sanded plaster work to be filled

 Dust and muck to be cleared away

 After all the sanding of plaster the mirror was dusty so I couldn't resist.