Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Moving To a New Place 25-09-2012

Today I'm moving on to a new place. I will be helping out on a farm which needs help in clearing and fixing it's barns and fixing up the out houses to be made suitable for accommodation.


Also there is a large overgrown patch of land out the front of the farmhouse that needs some serious clearing.  This is just some of the work that is needing to be done. I have agreed with the owner of the farm, that I will work a couple of days a week for my basic accommodation and food needs. That said I will help out on the farm when I'm not busy with other work elsewhere.

I will still be available to work for others during my time at the farm. If you require my help with anything in the meantime please get in touch through either facebook or twitter (there are links down the right hand side of this page).

Initially I will have limited access to internet until I have worked out how I can connect on a more steady basis.

 I am really looking forward to this chapter in my story and am grateful to have been given the opportunity to have a more substantial base for myself over the coming winter months.

That's all for now, as soon as I'm able I'll send an update. Take care.

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