Monday, 30 July 2012

This Weekend I was Mostly...

This week I have been busy busy busy. I've been doing two or three jobs in one day for part of the week. I was going to have a chilled Saturday then go do some work on my plot on Sunday, that was, until a friend called me up and  told me on Saturday morning, that another friend needed some help with getting the rafters  up on the henge of the her roundhouse.

There was carying... 

There was some Drilling...
Some Chisiling 

Lots of looking up and pointing...

And even some kind of praying?

No, actually she is tying string to the rafters to hold them together.

My friend was over the moon as now hopefully she'll have the house finished before winter.

The house is some way off completion  but the tricky part is now done.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sleepless Nights & Barter

Hi folks,

My latest update was going to be a video, however , I’m not feeling up to it at the moment.  I have recently been suffering with broken sleep and insomnia.

 My sleep patterns have been so random of late I’m feeling very tired and weary. I’m sure this is just a phase and this will pass by soon.

Some of you may know that I will soon be living on a plot of land in my own self built dwelling.  I haven’t yet built the structure though, as I’m still needing some vital parts to make it work.  The Idea of me living on this land is so that I can become self sufficient which will free me up so I can provide free services to the local community.

Sounds great so far, however,  to achieve this I am having to take a bit of a side step. What I mean is Instead of just living of randomly given things with no amount specified, I will need to barter directly with people to ensure I build up enough things so that my plot becomes self sustaining and enables me to give back to the community.

When I say Barter, I will only barter services for goods for, I hope, no longer  than  a year. Doing this should help me on the way to self sufficiency. I have not changed my stand point on money or currency and I don’t like the fact I will be bartering, but , it is a means to an end. 

So from the end of July I will be using a barter system, I will of course offer services with no or little requirements as and when possible.

I am now looking for the following materials for my dwelling which is known as a Bender.

Canvas (Caravan Awning or Similar will do)
Pallets  x20
Insulation Materials, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Old Duvets anything that could do the job. I have some but not sure If I have sourced enough yet.
Wood Burner
Wooden Poles (Bendy)
 UPC Windows
An Old Shed for storage.

I am happy to barter my services for these things, donations are welcome though. Please get in touch through facebook if you think you have anything that I need. 

Well that's all for now, I hope you all have an amazing day !