Monday, 26 September 2011

The Journey from Pontardawe South Wales to LLandovery.

The Journey from Pontardawe South Wales to LLandovery.

Getting Down From The Marquee

This was fun, , I thought getting down might be a little scary, but no, it wasn't so. But when I got to the edge of the canvas six foot seemed higher than I thought and I needed some help.

Climbing Up The Marquee

It was a nice though over cast day, the sheep festival had finished and it was time to take down The Big Top Marquee. Gav was there to help train me up so that i could help with future small nations hirings.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Ancient Briton Music & Beer Festival

I Enjoyed this weekend, festival was free. The music was realy good, had a great time in all. The event wasnt without it's dramas though. Will write more on this later. for now enjoy the videos.

Jayne with a Y, an amazingly talented artist in her own right. I'm sure there will be more from her again soon.

The Hogs (Formerly Known as LAF) were awesome especially with this cover of Eric Clapton's Cocaine and an amazing segway.

Sisters In Grease

Val Playing the Hurdy Gurdy. I had never seen one of these before never mind heard one