Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Symbology Of the Star

Hi folks

Just thought i'd give a little explanation of the origins and symbology of my star.

At the time I created the concept, I was researching the theory of  Illuminati symbology within the world especially in modern music.

I began to see a theme of triangles, which represent pyramids, and the all seeing eye, commonly symbolised in Freemasonry.

Freemason Symbols

All seeing eye on pyramid found on the back of the american dollar bill.

Without going into to much detail, this is a big subject and can take you down many avenues,  I could see these symbols being like talismans, to pass or express messages,  or whatever fits an organisations agenda. Most would suggest these symbols are evil and have been sent by the devil him/herself.

I thought about it for a short while and realised that anything can be used for good or for bad, I figured if there was ever any truth in the theories of symbolisms giving power, then all it can do, is assist me in doing good. If there is no truth to it then I have a pretty picture lol.

So I drew a basic picture of how it  wanted it to look and  a friend who creates Goemetric art offered to help make it as an actual artwork for my blog. If you're interested in Geometric art please take a look at his page

So to explain the star.

Firstly the shape is made of two equilateral triangles one placed over the other. This is the same shape as the star of David, As seen on the Israeli flag. But for me, it was more a turning the symbolism of the pyramids upside down inside out, if  that makes sense ?

The Star's points are all  elements, Earth, fire, wind and are duplicated showing the duality of life. The heptagon in the centre represents water, our bodies are made of mostly of water.

The Truth Star
The Eye in the centre represents the all seeing eye, which i beleive translates to the pineal  gland  also known as the third eye or seat of the soul. I have in the past had people accuse me of being Illuminati in the past because of this lol.

In the eye there is a spiral, this represents the fact most are blinded by the confusion and cannot see the truth from the fiction.

The yin yang in the centre, which is the pupil of the eye, represents everything exists in everything and that this is a pathway of light.

Oh and the eyelashes have no real meaning, they were just for decoration. I wish I had have instructed the artist  to leave them out.

So there you have it, the Truth Star and an explanation .  If anyone has any questions please ask me, though i think i covered it really.

Thanks for reading, hope you all have an awesome day.

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  1. I like, especially the part we you say everything can be used for either good or bad, it's all in your intention. Many don't understand it but that's just another Truth, what's right for you is what you say is right, for you... And may not necessarily be right for the next person