Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sphere of Influence, Are you in control ?

I’ve now been living without money for 27 months and in that time I have done many more things than I probably would have done in 7 years .  In fact that most of my experiences over the past 27 months  would have never happened if I had not decided to follow this path.

The same could be said for the rest of the world and society at large. I would like you to think for a few moments and visualise the world without money and how that will positively benefit us all.  How many things don’t happen because the dark forces of money prevent it.?

There are countless inventions, cures and brilliant world changing ideas that are missed or ignored simply because it is not financially viable. Imagine the leaps humanity could take if it were unhindered by our primitive ideals and monetary system. 

Just because the money isn’t there doesn’t mean that the resources aren’t.  In fact the resources are always here.  Money prevents things from happening and holds us back from the very resources we need.  If money no longer existed, it would mean we as a species, would go from strength to strength and the powers that be would have no stake and therefore no influence over us as they do now.

You have to realise that the political leaders, presidents and prime ministers alike are not in control in the way that most would like to believe.  Quite simply they are under control of big business (Busyness) either directly or indirectly.  Believe it or not multinationals have much more influence over your life than most would think.

You have heard of lobbying right? Lobbying is a well known and widely accepted practice in the political sphere. Essentially  Lobbyists are wanting to influence the agenda of a political party to fit their own agenda, to maximise the likely hood of that bringing around a higher monetary yield, aka profit, and a profit which benefits a few at the top who own these corporations. Money and power are their only motivations.

So you can see that the people at the so called top who have all of this money are the ones who are in control of the game.  This is of course as long as people continue play their games.  Slowly but surely more and more people are deciding that the current way is not the way and they choose to go living off grid in an effort to starve the beast that is the big corps (corpse).   While this will help it will not do away with the archaic paradigm of having to work because of money.

While money exists there will always be a banker of some sort.  This banker will control the supply of money and therefore control your life.  Banking is probably one of the biggest business in the world  all under control of central banks (They are all businesses) these businesses all have their own agendas and can and do influence politics in a big way thus influencing ever more greatly, though less directly, your life. 

So imagine if you will, an unhindered existence where we have no need for a monetary system, an existence where we are free to create and produce magnificent world changing things that will assist our development as a species for the good of all.  I’m not talking about a utopia, though it would be nice.  I’m talking more of a place that took care of all and all took care of each other because we can, because it is right, and because we are more evolved than animals establishing an unnecessary pecking order.

 In my opinion, these oligarchs are nothing more than un-evolved apes holding a pack of matches and a stick 
of dynamite. It’s time we took the matches the matches and dynamite away from the apes and helped them evolve too.