Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Latest Blog Bio Update

Following most years of my life in the mainstream systems, I came to the conclusion that  money was the problem that prevents us from being and realising who we are. Although money does superficially afford us some comforts , it at the same time can cause misery and discomfort to a massive number of the worlds population.

If we all lived with the intention to help others, attaching no value, other than that we give each other, the world would become a free and happy place.

I have now been living without money for 17 months. It has been a big eye opener. I have had some interesting and some challenging times, some good some bad.  I see it as part of the journey and try to take some thing from each experience to learn and grow.

I realise that most aren't ready to go to the lengths I am going to to live freely without the binds of the monetary system and it isn't always easy. I still do battle with my ego on a daily basis. It is something I am working on and will continue to do so.

For those of you who have been watching Discovering The Way  since I set out on my journey, I thank you dearly as it does more than most think, with it simply being out there in the consciousness.  For those that have just discovered others like mine who are living without money, I thank you too, you are all playing an important  part in my journey.

  I hope that at the very least we can start helping each other more and more without the use of money.  My vision in the end,  is for everyone to be self empowered and abundant with everyone living in a free and happy place.  I am currently discovering the way.

Be abundant, Be Empowered!  Namaste <3

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