Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hallway Decorating at The Mayors House

I have been working hard, but not over doing it. I'm decorating the Mayors House, below are some pictures of the patching up I'm doing in the hallway.

Electrical Channels were badly plastered and needed making good by sanding, filling and further sanding.  Followed by some embossed paper and painting white.

 Paper was coming of the walls, a quick cut and patch repair  was done here.

More Electric Channeling to be made good.

 Paper peeled of  to enable the filling of the  badly done plaster.

Interesting Finial, looks a bit like a Gargoyle.

 Filled plaster work to be sanded.

 Sanded plaster work to be filled

 Dust and muck to be cleared away

 After all the sanding of plaster the mirror was dusty so I couldn't resist.

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