Thursday, 22 August 2013

Enola - Boat Life in Dry Dock

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping out on a boat restoration project down near Portsmouth.  

The boat itself is quite rare. Rare in so much that she is the last of her kind.  Built by a company called Thorneycroft (Now known as Vospa-Thorneycroft )1928 as a Gentleman’s Motor Yacht  for private owners. She was later requisitioned  during world war two and used as a naval river patrol vessel, mounted with a large gun on deck she would patrol the Thames and the Thames estuary  watching for the enemy. 

I don't know much else about the boats history, The current owners have a dream for her though.  To be fully renovated and made fully ready for Sailng once again.  This whole process should take around two years. 


I am only here for the short while due to unforeseen family commitments and  sooner or later the cabin I’m currently sleeping in will probably become uninhabitable as more and more of the boat is stripped  and the only place for me to stay here is in the cabin. 

Here are some pictures of the work that has been going on over the past few weeks

This has been a team effort Mainly between me and Ade my host , ]
thought we have had some outside help on certain bits such as planking of the hull. 

We have been gradually stripping the interior including the walls and the flooring.  

Now the interior of the fore of the boat has been stripped Sanding down has been happening to prepare for painting of Damboline waterproof bilge paint.  The wooden beams are to be sanded down and either stained and or varnished  with the walls insulated and lined with wood cladding. 

 I depart  from here at the end of the month. I'm hoping to return at some point to come and help again.  Will be interesting to see the changes. I will be keeping an eye on the blog that has been set up for Enola to check for progress If you wish to do the same please follow this LINK to Enolas blog page. 

Thanks for looking 

Take care


Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Intro on

Hi Folks,

I might have already introduced myself sometime back but can't really remember if I did or not so here goes.

 I have lived for over 2 years without using money. How ? I travel to places to help people complete projects or work. As I do this my needs are taken care of. My shelter food and all other things i need are generally provided for by those who I work with. I say I "work with" as i work for no one as such.

I embarked on this mission, in part to prove a point, the point being we can live without money it's only belief system that has been sold to us through centuries of "That's just the way it is" It's time for a new way to be, time to use our imaginations and think outside of the societal box we find ourselves in today.

 Imagine how mankind could progress if progress was not hindered by the monetary system. There are many great ideas out there but because they are deemed "Financially unviable" they are shelved or worse still binned. This is a case of insanity in my mind and we must start thinking differently as a species if we are to be a successful species.

 If things were valued for the use they have and not for a fictional accounting system and people were not used and valued for who they are we would find ourselves living in a much better world. No more poverty, all needs taken care of, all people free to do the good they wish to do unhindered. Just imagine !

I have a page on Facebook if anyone here uses it. there are a few other pages on there too (Listed below). Twitter for those that use it. Alternatively I have an actual blog page here

Vist Just For the Love of it Freeconomy page here