Sunday, 8 December 2013

Spain & Back

I was asked a while back to help with some renovation work. The work was in Spain, I was in two minds as to whether I should go. The reason was that I didnt have a passport. I wasn' too interested in having one because of the notion of borders is based on the existing monetary system.

I decided that I would go because I would be helping someone out. My passport was all arranged for me and the trip was then possible.

I had never flown before and the whole experience was interesting, yet strangely not as scary as I thought. Lots of time was spent in the airport as my host and I arrived at the airport far too early. I have to say that I don't much care for airports. They seem very sterile and unnatural.

The flight was short by comparison and we landed safely at the airport in spain. Two busses later we arrived at our hotel which would be our residence for our time in spain. The renovation work began a couple of days after we had settled in. The work at my hosts apartment initially was to be installing a new kitchen, however in the absence of electric to the apartment it was decided that we would do the painting of the walls and windows etc.

The scheduled work was to be three weeks and doing the bare essentials, we had plenty of time to complete it. A spanner was thrown into the works when my host had to come back to the uk early due to problems back home. This meant I was now on my own in a country of which I didn't speak the language. I was a little intrepid about it at first, though as my supplies were already provided in advance, I had little need to speak to anyone.

I had five days to get the work done, I did the best I could given the time left and materials avilable and pretty much covered all, even managed to clean the place befire I left.

The return journey was going to be a bit more interesting than getting there. My host, realising that I don't use money got me tickets for the bus journey which was part way to the airport. Because it wasn't possible to do this for the bus to the airport itself a transfer was arranged online.

The tickets for the transfer were sent to the hotel by email and my host had requested that the hotel print them off. The next day I hadnt had any feedback from the hotel staff notifying me that they had received the email. This was a concern for me as I really didnt want to get stranded in a forreign country not speaking the language. Thank goodness fir google translate is all I can say. I showed them the words and it had already been printed and waiting for me.

The day of my departure and all tickets now sorted. I managed to thank the hotel owner for the stay. Muchos Gracias along with gesturing and nodding got the message across. It seemed odd trying to communicate this way though it worked.

The journey back was very similar, much waiting around at bustation and airport. The views were interesting as we flew over Alicante, the sheer size of the place was amazing. Similarly London was too. Landed in uk safe and sound.

All in all it was an experience I am grateful for. It has made me see that language can be a barrier and when someone cant communicate well in your own language then more patience is needed. Something I kind of understood before but having been on the otherside I can apreciate the dificulties and be more understanding.

So now back in wales, continuing doing what I do.

If you are in need of any help with a project please get in touch.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Frequency & The Power of Thoughts

Hello all, if you are reading this I thank you for your attention at this point in reality.

I bring to you my spiritual side, the part of me that is you the part of me that is the universe, that is the infinite and divine in essence i beleive the word  I would choose here is Namaste.

We are all connected we are all a part of this reality we are all part of the creative powers that bring us manifest as a whole.  As we are all  part of this ever unfolding, evolving reality we ourselves do create our own realities individually and collectively.
What i'm about to say, might, seem strange to some of you. None the less, it is, how it is.  What am i going on about ? There is a universal law that is known as the law of attraction or law of frequency. If at first you realise that everything is a form of energy, even your thoughts. You can then begin to realise that all energy is a certain frequency and from there you can see that for frequencies to coincide they have to be complementary  resonating frequencies.

Remembering that your thoughts are energy and they exist at a certain frequency, in a similar way to that of a radio transmitter/receiver. Essentially we are the receivers and transmitters of our reality. Have you ever heard the words, 'Be careful what you wish for' ? This is what, propose original meaning is.  Every thought is a prayer, every prayer is a transmission of thought emitted from you resonating into unseen space/dimensionality bouncing back and being received  by you as the answer to that particular frequency.   For you to receive the answer you have to remain in the same level of  frequency.

Most will dismiss these concepts as just concept and nothing more , I would suggest, from my own experiences that this is more than just a concept.   Not only that, science is now beginning to realise these facts. Quantum Physics looks at such a deep level that is discovering more about how our reality is constructed.  I have included a video  below, which briefly explains about the power of thought and quantum physics  and how it can effect your  your reality ..

When you consider what the video has to say, the ramifications of your thoughts are amazing, and in my opinion, can explain the current state of the world. This would also explain the level of abundance people experience both collectively and as individuals.  


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sphere of Influence, Are you in control ?

I’ve now been living without money for 27 months and in that time I have done many more things than I probably would have done in 7 years .  In fact that most of my experiences over the past 27 months  would have never happened if I had not decided to follow this path.

The same could be said for the rest of the world and society at large. I would like you to think for a few moments and visualise the world without money and how that will positively benefit us all.  How many things don’t happen because the dark forces of money prevent it.?

There are countless inventions, cures and brilliant world changing ideas that are missed or ignored simply because it is not financially viable. Imagine the leaps humanity could take if it were unhindered by our primitive ideals and monetary system. 

Just because the money isn’t there doesn’t mean that the resources aren’t.  In fact the resources are always here.  Money prevents things from happening and holds us back from the very resources we need.  If money no longer existed, it would mean we as a species, would go from strength to strength and the powers that be would have no stake and therefore no influence over us as they do now.

You have to realise that the political leaders, presidents and prime ministers alike are not in control in the way that most would like to believe.  Quite simply they are under control of big business (Busyness) either directly or indirectly.  Believe it or not multinationals have much more influence over your life than most would think.

You have heard of lobbying right? Lobbying is a well known and widely accepted practice in the political sphere. Essentially  Lobbyists are wanting to influence the agenda of a political party to fit their own agenda, to maximise the likely hood of that bringing around a higher monetary yield, aka profit, and a profit which benefits a few at the top who own these corporations. Money and power are their only motivations.

So you can see that the people at the so called top who have all of this money are the ones who are in control of the game.  This is of course as long as people continue play their games.  Slowly but surely more and more people are deciding that the current way is not the way and they choose to go living off grid in an effort to starve the beast that is the big corps (corpse).   While this will help it will not do away with the archaic paradigm of having to work because of money.

While money exists there will always be a banker of some sort.  This banker will control the supply of money and therefore control your life.  Banking is probably one of the biggest business in the world  all under control of central banks (They are all businesses) these businesses all have their own agendas and can and do influence politics in a big way thus influencing ever more greatly, though less directly, your life. 

So imagine if you will, an unhindered existence where we have no need for a monetary system, an existence where we are free to create and produce magnificent world changing things that will assist our development as a species for the good of all.  I’m not talking about a utopia, though it would be nice.  I’m talking more of a place that took care of all and all took care of each other because we can, because it is right, and because we are more evolved than animals establishing an unnecessary pecking order.

 In my opinion, these oligarchs are nothing more than un-evolved apes holding a pack of matches and a stick 
of dynamite. It’s time we took the matches the matches and dynamite away from the apes and helped them evolve too.



Thursday, 22 August 2013

Enola - Boat Life in Dry Dock

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping out on a boat restoration project down near Portsmouth.  

The boat itself is quite rare. Rare in so much that she is the last of her kind.  Built by a company called Thorneycroft (Now known as Vospa-Thorneycroft )1928 as a Gentleman’s Motor Yacht  for private owners. She was later requisitioned  during world war two and used as a naval river patrol vessel, mounted with a large gun on deck she would patrol the Thames and the Thames estuary  watching for the enemy. 

I don't know much else about the boats history, The current owners have a dream for her though.  To be fully renovated and made fully ready for Sailng once again.  This whole process should take around two years. 


I am only here for the short while due to unforeseen family commitments and  sooner or later the cabin I’m currently sleeping in will probably become uninhabitable as more and more of the boat is stripped  and the only place for me to stay here is in the cabin. 

Here are some pictures of the work that has been going on over the past few weeks

This has been a team effort Mainly between me and Ade my host , ]
thought we have had some outside help on certain bits such as planking of the hull. 

We have been gradually stripping the interior including the walls and the flooring.  

Now the interior of the fore of the boat has been stripped Sanding down has been happening to prepare for painting of Damboline waterproof bilge paint.  The wooden beams are to be sanded down and either stained and or varnished  with the walls insulated and lined with wood cladding. 

 I depart  from here at the end of the month. I'm hoping to return at some point to come and help again.  Will be interesting to see the changes. I will be keeping an eye on the blog that has been set up for Enola to check for progress If you wish to do the same please follow this LINK to Enolas blog page. 

Thanks for looking 

Take care


Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Intro on

Hi Folks,

I might have already introduced myself sometime back but can't really remember if I did or not so here goes.

 I have lived for over 2 years without using money. How ? I travel to places to help people complete projects or work. As I do this my needs are taken care of. My shelter food and all other things i need are generally provided for by those who I work with. I say I "work with" as i work for no one as such.

I embarked on this mission, in part to prove a point, the point being we can live without money it's only belief system that has been sold to us through centuries of "That's just the way it is" It's time for a new way to be, time to use our imaginations and think outside of the societal box we find ourselves in today.

 Imagine how mankind could progress if progress was not hindered by the monetary system. There are many great ideas out there but because they are deemed "Financially unviable" they are shelved or worse still binned. This is a case of insanity in my mind and we must start thinking differently as a species if we are to be a successful species.

 If things were valued for the use they have and not for a fictional accounting system and people were not used and valued for who they are we would find ourselves living in a much better world. No more poverty, all needs taken care of, all people free to do the good they wish to do unhindered. Just imagine !

I have a page on Facebook if anyone here uses it. there are a few other pages on there too (Listed below). Twitter for those that use it. Alternatively I have an actual blog page here

Vist Just For the Love of it Freeconomy page here 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Are We Dreaming or Doing ?

Hi Folks,

Yes it's been a while since I wrote in my blog and  there are a few  reasons, (not that i feel the need to justify the absence of posts to anyone). The main reason being  I have been busy doing what I do interacting and working with people to help them, in the hope that my moneyless lifestyle hits home with someone.  Maybe that's all it will take, the right person in the right place at the right time that will change our world to a better one. In the words of John Lennon, "They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"

The above statement is what brought me to write this post. It would seem more and more people and groups talking about moneyless societies. To name a few, The Moneyless Party, The Venus Project and UBUNTU Liberation Movement. Though these are all well and good,online, are they just dreaming or are they doing anything on the ground?

I am ever hopeful that this trend continues and as I said earlier maybe this will spark interest in the right mind at the right place and time.  I'm not against people spreading awareness online, however, without real ground level action and doing nothing other than talk, are we going to get anywhere? I doubt it. 

I am now on the look out for real, on the ground solutions to the monster that is capitalism and would look to joining them. I could go on forever as a lone person doing what I'm doing as I do it now.  Though I feel now that I need to get together with "like minds" (I say that loosely as no ones mind is quite like your own) to start to take real ground level action. 

Over the next few months I'll be busy with a Boat restoration project, after that I'll continue as I am until I find people that are and willing to go the mile and are taking real action with real solutions. I'm not talking about those who are wishing to replace the current monetary system with another. Nor am I looking to those who wish to go back to barter. Barter is where money came from and as Einstein rightly stated "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" so there would be no point to going back to a barter system, it wouldn't be fair and people would still suffer in this world because of it.

I don't have all the answers, I am just discovering the way and all I do know is if people were able and left to do what is truly in their hearts, not what the system has superimposed on them through media with the promises of a dream that is unatainable for most, then the world would become a much better place. 

Below are a few links to various organisations and groups should you wish to read more about moneyless society and how it could work. 

Please note, the views on the links are no necessarily reflective of  my own.  I have posted these links  to give a varied range of views on how a moneyless society could work.

The first two links are all about people who are really embracing a moneyless life.