Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Possible Routes for the Next few Months 2013

Following my recent correspondance with people regarding my advert I thought i'd put up this map to show my possible routes over the next few months.  If im nearby you give or take 50 miles or so please get in touch if you want me to come and help out. This is only a map of possibles so nothing is set in stone unless someone has actually booked me.

I will be startting off at A and will be there until around 20th March and will set off for B. I then will be heading back potentially to C then D and E. 

For further details please get in touch via Facebook 

My Advert is here Handyman Advert

This is a list of my Skills

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Coming Year 2013

Just recently I decided that I needed some work to get resources. I thought a good plan would be to advertise the fact I needed work.  I have done this before but with little response to my shout outs on facebook and twitter. I thought, well... I have to do this differently and so I put a free ad in gumtree.

Since placing the ad and posting the ad in facebook I got a much better response than I could have imagined. So much so that i'm now booked for the next couple of months and there is work beyond that.  I would like to say thank you to all of you who responded, it has really lifted my hopes and spirits .

What has come out of the response is that I should be travelling about more and experiencing more of what life has to offer me. Quite a few of the responses are from outside of wales and all seem like interesting options and projects to go and help out with.

I have had some questions regarding what my requirements of hosts are and it has become difficult to keep track of who I've answered and who I haven't, due to the different pages I posted my ad on and number of enquiries. So I've decided that I will make a list here on this blog so that I can post the list as and when someone wants to know more information about my requirements.  I will be posting this as my next post.

So, I'm booked up with so far...

Helping out a friend installing a wood burner in their camper van, should only take a day or so.  Then I'm back to my caravan on the farm.  I have to speak with the Owner about keeping the caravan on long term as a short stay place when i'm over this way, i'm confident we can come to some kind of agreement.

I will be over in Pembre/Bury Port next week helping clear a storage yard and then for two months starting 20th this month I'll be house sitting in Ponty and helping the house owner with repairs and maintenance jobs. 

After that, is still open and have yet to plan for.  I have had an offer to go to Cambridgeshire for a while to help someone with things they need doing and an offer to go to Ireland to help over there (if you are that person please get back in touch as I cant find where I posted and saw your response). I would like to do both Ideally. Cambridgshire is closer to home and may give me the opportunity to do some visiting whilst over there. I also had an offer back over here in wales (pembrokeshire) I figure if i'm on the way to Ireland  I could visit there on the way.

A this point I haven't got an exacting plan but the most useful thing would be to get jobs on route to places I'm heading.   This is where I need some help, I could do with anyone who is on my route(s) that needs me to come help out to get in touch when they can see i'm on a route that will come somewhere near them.

I'm hoping to get some software set up to show routes etc, but for now i'll try and post on facebook and twitter when i'm know my movements.

Here's a link to my ad for those that didn't see it first time round.

If you wish to get in touch my facebook blog page is here or contact me direct on 07597094991 (UK)

Monday, 7 January 2013


Throughout my life I've done many things and subsequently picked up many skills.  Below is a few of the things I have done.  I've probably left much out but hopefully this gives you a clearer idea of what I'm able to do for you.


Painting & Decorating
Patching Plasterwork
Laminate Floor Laying
Floor Tiling
Wall Tiling
Re Grouting
Door Hanging
Basic Electrical, (Wiring Plugs, Light Pendants etc..).
Wood Burner Installation


General Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Oven Cleaning
Window Cleaning


General Labouring
Garden Clearance
Marquee Erecting
Minor Brick Work
Re Pointing  of brickwork

Other Skills

Project Management

Cycle Repairs

PC Literate
Video Shooting & Editing (Windows Movie Maker Software)

Social Media (See my facebook twitter and other web mediums i use)

Requirements Updated

As I live without money I am reliant on the resources coming from whatever source they come from. Usually a host that I'm working with will provide what I require, Below are a list of requirements followed by a list of preferences (in no particular order).

Please remember, not all of these will apply and will be dependent on factors such as length of work, conditions  and distance to travel to and from. Please ask if you need further info.



I require either the ingredients and facilities to provide my own meals or share meals with the household. I am vegetarian so please bear this in mind (Read Preferences Below)


Must have some where warm and dry to stay for duration of any work. This can be either with your house hold or some other accommodation you have, such as a caravan or similar.


 I require at least 50g tobacco per week. ( I always respect those who don't smoke by not smoking in their homes if requested. )


I need to ensure I can communicate with the world  to keep me on my journey so a top up on my phone is required at least once a month (not necessary on every job if i already have plenty on my phone)


I do like a drink and a few nights of the week it's good to unwind. So a couple of beers/wine every other day is something nice to have.


Every so often I will require new clothing.  Please ask if you can help with this whilst I'm working with you.


Not using money can be quite limiting, however, I do hitch hike shorter distances otherwise a bus or train ticket from the host will get me where I need to be. Please ask if you are unsure. 


As I'm a vegetarian I must eat a vegetarian diet. This means no meat or meat derivatives like gelatin or animal fats etc.  I do drink milk though am happy with substitutes if you happen to be full vegan.  As long as I have a good feed every day I'm happy. It's all about what you are able to supply me inline with being vegetarian.

 Read about Vegetarianism

Accommodation is a vital and I need to be well rested to be able to help you. It is important that I have somewhere within reach of the site or place you wish to have me working. I am happy to live in accommodation within households or separately.  I prefer households that have friendly animals and I'm a bit dubious of larger dogs.

I don't mind working on a farm so long as there are no live stock, with perhaps the exception of chickens etc... 

I'm a bit vague with the rest of preferences as I do like to go with the flow and see how things go. At the end of the day we are all human and we can all express what we like at the time.

For a list of my skills  please see post titled Skills

I hope that gives a clearer picture of my requirements and preferences. 



Mobile: 07597094991