Friday, 28 September 2012

First Day In The Barn

Hi Folks,

I'm now at the new place, been busy at work today clearing a gulley drain and bramble and weeds. I took pictures, however I'm unable to upload them as I have no cable connector for the pc. As soon as I am able i'll upload again.  I have just used these pictures for illustration purposes.

My first day at the farm was nice, wen't for a walk across the farmers fields and spotted some deer, didn't get very close to them as they bounded over the fence as soon as they spotted me.

After that, I went for a walk across the valley and saw lots of  bats flying about as by this time it was dusk.

I headed back to the barn where i'm currently sleeping and was startled by something flapping about. I soon realised it was a bird and later identified it as a Swallow. The bird stayed in the loft of the barn all night as he couldn't see once it left the loft due to the darkness. After some encourage ment in the morning, the swallow left the loft and went on its way.

That's all there is to report for now.  Will be on again soon. Take care all. :0)

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