Thursday, 3 October 2013

Frequency & The Power of Thoughts

Hello all, if you are reading this I thank you for your attention at this point in reality.

I bring to you my spiritual side, the part of me that is you the part of me that is the universe, that is the infinite and divine in essence i beleive the word  I would choose here is Namaste.

We are all connected we are all a part of this reality we are all part of the creative powers that bring us manifest as a whole.  As we are all  part of this ever unfolding, evolving reality we ourselves do create our own realities individually and collectively.
What i'm about to say, might, seem strange to some of you. None the less, it is, how it is.  What am i going on about ? There is a universal law that is known as the law of attraction or law of frequency. If at first you realise that everything is a form of energy, even your thoughts. You can then begin to realise that all energy is a certain frequency and from there you can see that for frequencies to coincide they have to be complementary  resonating frequencies.

Remembering that your thoughts are energy and they exist at a certain frequency, in a similar way to that of a radio transmitter/receiver. Essentially we are the receivers and transmitters of our reality. Have you ever heard the words, 'Be careful what you wish for' ? This is what, propose original meaning is.  Every thought is a prayer, every prayer is a transmission of thought emitted from you resonating into unseen space/dimensionality bouncing back and being received  by you as the answer to that particular frequency.   For you to receive the answer you have to remain in the same level of  frequency.

Most will dismiss these concepts as just concept and nothing more , I would suggest, from my own experiences that this is more than just a concept.   Not only that, science is now beginning to realise these facts. Quantum Physics looks at such a deep level that is discovering more about how our reality is constructed.  I have included a video  below, which briefly explains about the power of thought and quantum physics  and how it can effect your  your reality ..

When you consider what the video has to say, the ramifications of your thoughts are amazing, and in my opinion, can explain the current state of the world. This would also explain the level of abundance people experience both collectively and as individuals.