Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Likes

I titled this "My Likes" as I want to keep this post as positive as possible and give you all some information about me.

Firstly, I like good weather, don't we all. Sunshine, fresh air etc. It just makes me happier than  dull weather. I also enjoy a good bonfire in the evening when the weather and situation are suitable. I enjoy walking in the countryside and observing nature, it gives me much pleasure


Mmmm, we all like food, but I have a vegetarian diet. I don't eat Fish, Chicken, Beef or Pork. I do Drink milk and eat eggs though. There aren't that many veggie food that I won't eat really, but i'm not so keen on Twigglets and sharp citrus fruits. I also have a sensitive pallet when it comes to hot and spicy foods.

There are too many foods to list that i like but here is a basic list of things that I do like.

Pasta                           - Prefer White Egg Pasta but any white is fine. Tray Bakes are good.
Potatoes                      - Mashed or Boiled or Steamed.
Tomatoes                    -Tinned and Fresh but Fresh Organic is obviously the best)
Tomatoe Sauce
Eggs                           - Free Range)
Bread                         - I prefer Soya & Linseed bread great for making Eggy Bread.
Milk                           - I prefer non Homoganised Organic, any will do though.
Meat Replacement
Products                   - I do eat these as I need protein and this is a simple solution for my hosts.
Mushrooms               - Button or Chestnut, but they taste great if they are Fresh and Raw.
Baked Beans             - A staple of mine for some time now, very handy if there is nothing else about.
Salads                       - I'll eat most veggie salads.
Green Olives             - Preferably Pitted or Stuffed
Cheese                     - Mature White Cheddar is My Fave, though I do like fruity stiltons too.
Bannanas                  - Is my favourite fruit.
Yoghurts                   - Love to eat this but must check labels as some contain gelatin and sacharin.
Courgettes                - Great in tomatoe pasta dishes.

As I said food is a massive subject and too many foods to list hopefully gives you some Idea.

I am heading towards the self sufficiency thing and hope I am able to grow some of my own foods in the future.


Now I do enjoy a cigarette and have been smoking for a long time. Hopefully I'll give up one day but I beleive, when you are really ready and able, you will give up. It is a very personally individual thing. For now I generally smoke hand rolling tobacco, I do like a boxed cigartette every now and then.  I will be looking into growing my own tobacco at some point as I want to rely on the system as little as possible. I will always respect a hosts wishes if they ask me not to smoke in their homes.


I love to drink coffee  and it goes with my smoking habit very nicely when I'm taking a break. I will drink tea if there is no coffee available. I'm not sure whether smoothies are food or drink but I do like a good smoothie.

Beer & Wine  at the end of a hard day it's nice to just chill out  and have a drink.  My Beer of choice is usually a Real Ale apposed to a lager.  Red wine Is always good, though I will drink white on occasion.


 I have a wide and somewhat eclectic taste in music.  Usually it's what my mood suits, often I use music as a form of Motivation , Meditation and or Relaxation.  Like the food subject it is to big to list my likes, so below is a sample of things I do like currently.  I hope you enjoy my likes and have a little snapshot of me.

Peace, Blessings, Namaste.

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