Monday, 7 January 2013

Requirements Updated

As I live without money I am reliant on the resources coming from whatever source they come from. Usually a host that I'm working with will provide what I require, Below are a list of requirements followed by a list of preferences (in no particular order).

Please remember, not all of these will apply and will be dependent on factors such as length of work, conditions  and distance to travel to and from. Please ask if you need further info.



I require either the ingredients and facilities to provide my own meals or share meals with the household. I am vegetarian so please bear this in mind (Read Preferences Below)


Must have some where warm and dry to stay for duration of any work. This can be either with your house hold or some other accommodation you have, such as a caravan or similar.


 I require at least 50g tobacco per week. ( I always respect those who don't smoke by not smoking in their homes if requested. )


I need to ensure I can communicate with the world  to keep me on my journey so a top up on my phone is required at least once a month (not necessary on every job if i already have plenty on my phone)


I do like a drink and a few nights of the week it's good to unwind. So a couple of beers/wine every other day is something nice to have.


Every so often I will require new clothing.  Please ask if you can help with this whilst I'm working with you.


Not using money can be quite limiting, however, I do hitch hike shorter distances otherwise a bus or train ticket from the host will get me where I need to be. Please ask if you are unsure. 


As I'm a vegetarian I must eat a vegetarian diet. This means no meat or meat derivatives like gelatin or animal fats etc.  I do drink milk though am happy with substitutes if you happen to be full vegan.  As long as I have a good feed every day I'm happy. It's all about what you are able to supply me inline with being vegetarian.

 Read about Vegetarianism

Accommodation is a vital and I need to be well rested to be able to help you. It is important that I have somewhere within reach of the site or place you wish to have me working. I am happy to live in accommodation within households or separately.  I prefer households that have friendly animals and I'm a bit dubious of larger dogs.

I don't mind working on a farm so long as there are no live stock, with perhaps the exception of chickens etc... 

I'm a bit vague with the rest of preferences as I do like to go with the flow and see how things go. At the end of the day we are all human and we can all express what we like at the time.

For a list of my skills  please see post titled Skills

I hope that gives a clearer picture of my requirements and preferences. 



Mobile: 07597094991

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