Sunday, 8 December 2013

Spain & Back

I was asked a while back to help with some renovation work. The work was in Spain, I was in two minds as to whether I should go. The reason was that I didnt have a passport. I wasn' too interested in having one because of the notion of borders is based on the existing monetary system.

I decided that I would go because I would be helping someone out. My passport was all arranged for me and the trip was then possible.

I had never flown before and the whole experience was interesting, yet strangely not as scary as I thought. Lots of time was spent in the airport as my host and I arrived at the airport far too early. I have to say that I don't much care for airports. They seem very sterile and unnatural.

The flight was short by comparison and we landed safely at the airport in spain. Two busses later we arrived at our hotel which would be our residence for our time in spain. The renovation work began a couple of days after we had settled in. The work at my hosts apartment initially was to be installing a new kitchen, however in the absence of electric to the apartment it was decided that we would do the painting of the walls and windows etc.

The scheduled work was to be three weeks and doing the bare essentials, we had plenty of time to complete it. A spanner was thrown into the works when my host had to come back to the uk early due to problems back home. This meant I was now on my own in a country of which I didn't speak the language. I was a little intrepid about it at first, though as my supplies were already provided in advance, I had little need to speak to anyone.

I had five days to get the work done, I did the best I could given the time left and materials avilable and pretty much covered all, even managed to clean the place befire I left.

The return journey was going to be a bit more interesting than getting there. My host, realising that I don't use money got me tickets for the bus journey which was part way to the airport. Because it wasn't possible to do this for the bus to the airport itself a transfer was arranged online.

The tickets for the transfer were sent to the hotel by email and my host had requested that the hotel print them off. The next day I hadnt had any feedback from the hotel staff notifying me that they had received the email. This was a concern for me as I really didnt want to get stranded in a forreign country not speaking the language. Thank goodness fir google translate is all I can say. I showed them the words and it had already been printed and waiting for me.

The day of my departure and all tickets now sorted. I managed to thank the hotel owner for the stay. Muchos Gracias along with gesturing and nodding got the message across. It seemed odd trying to communicate this way though it worked.

The journey back was very similar, much waiting around at bustation and airport. The views were interesting as we flew over Alicante, the sheer size of the place was amazing. Similarly London was too. Landed in uk safe and sound.

All in all it was an experience I am grateful for. It has made me see that language can be a barrier and when someone cant communicate well in your own language then more patience is needed. Something I kind of understood before but having been on the otherside I can apreciate the dificulties and be more understanding.

So now back in wales, continuing doing what I do.

If you are in need of any help with a project please get in touch.

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