Monday, 1 April 2013

Goodbye & Hello 3 1st's

I recently moved on to my new host who invited me to come and help out with some DIY jobs over in England, so for now it is a goodbye to Wales and hello again to England.

The contrast couldn't be greater (Except for the current cold weather of course) The Land is flat mainly. I am staying in a 1950's prefabricated house. These where built to house people after the war I'm told and were only meant as a temporary accommodation. Its amazing how these where built to last for only ten years and over sixty years on they are still going. That's how things used to be built, to last!

Image for Illustration Purposes Only 1950's Prefab

 So far I have decorated one bedroom. There are a few bits and pieces like furniture to be painted to match once they are done I'll try to get pictures up. Next I think we will be tackling the hallway, stripping, filling, sanding and painting etc, followed by laying a floor.

 I'm enjoying my stay here and I have animal company too. 4 Chickens, 3 Dogs (one of which is a house guest), 3 Ferrets and a Cat. I had my first ever experience of walking a ferret on a lead yesterday, I happened to be walking the lazy one. He didn't want to walk and I ended up carrying him to the point where we came back, once he knew we were heading back he decided to walk. I think he just wanted to stay home.

Another first was had yesterday,I was at a birthday celebration and we had cheese fondue. it was seriously extremely cheesy. I was warned before of a Swedish tradition that if your bread falls off your stick into the cheese you have to pay for the wine. It was good that I didn't as I would probably have had to do the washing up instead.

I'm hoping to get to see some of my family, who I haven't seen for over a year now, whilst i'm in this part of the country. I plan to take a weekend off to go and see them in the coming weeks.

I am having issues getting pictures up due to my recent computer failure, so i'll try to update as and when I can. The pictures I have posted are just for illustration purposes.

And finally another first, I have been invited onto an internet radio show tomorrow Tue, April 2, 2013 07:00 pm please tune in if you would like to listen.

Hope you all have an awesome day :)

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